How long is the high school season?

About 3 ½ months, this year it end after the state tournament February 17, 2018.

How many contests will there be?


How do you decide who competes and who doesn't?

There will be challenge matches the week before a meet, the winner will be competing as varsity. Some tournaments have both varsity and varsity II, so there may be more than one per weight competing

How frequently does the team travel and who pays the expenses?

For each away dual meet and tournament, the team travels by school bus. You may want to send healthy food with your wrestler for them to eat after weigh ins and during a tournament. Generally once a week during the season we have a competition. Tournaments may be Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, or just all day Saturday. Check the schedule on our website.

Where can I get equipment and how much does it cost?

Fryes Action Athletics in Forest Grove has a good selection of wrestling gear and is available locally. Otherwise online is an option, shoes are generally $65-$100 or more. Headgear, if you want your own, is about $25-$40.

What are the insurance requirements?

Regular health insurance is required

How do parents communicate with you or your assistants?

Through Head Coach Eric Givens (

Are medical examinations necessary for the players to compete?

All 9th and 11th graders need physicals

Who decides when an athlete is ready to compete after an injury?

Your doctor; the school's athletic trainer, Angie; and the parent and then the coach. The parent will always have veto power if they feel their athlete isn't ready

Are there special instructions for pregame meals? 

Nothing heavy or rich. Some good food recommendations are on our website, what to feed a wrestler.

What fundraising will be available?

Jujitsu touraments, about 3 a year, we can make $1500, team members are needed to help set up mat and clean up after the tournament. Kids help is required.

Generally there is a Holiday Bazaar where we rent table space for local people to sell holiday goods, raises about $1200, mostly coach and a parent do the work on this.

Resers Tournament of Champions, in January we are the venue for a large wrestling tournament. We can generally earn about $5,000 and we provide security (parents patrol the halls to make sure wrestlers stay in the general area of the gym and not wander the school). We also run a concession stand for the two day tournament. Parents are necessary as well as kids.

Scrap metal drives, we can earn $1,000 or more by collecting scrap metal a couple of times a year, kids help necessary, parents useful.

Body Building tournament - providing the venue, we can earn $1000

What is your coaching philosophy?

We believe that anybody can wrestle. Wrestling is one of the few sports where athletes get matched up with students of equal size. 

When are practices?

We practice every weekday after school. During holidays or days of no school, there will likely be a practice with times to be determined. There will be practices during Christmas break. The goal of the regular school day practices is to be done between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. Unexcused absence without prior notification will result in non-participation time. It is the responsibility of the athlete to make contact with the coach through email or phone. A note after the fact is not acceptable. Makeup opportunities will be provided.

What about weight cutting?

Weigh cutting is NOT something I stress at all to the athletes. Parents may ask athletes who have been in the program, the coach has a philosophy, he wants the athlete to be stronger not smaller. With that said if an athlete says they are going to make a weight and they do not, the coach and the team will be disappointed. The coach will ask questions about why the pre agreed upon weight was not made and help them with their diet. IE - chicken provides more strength and energy than a Snickers bar. Please be supportive of your athlete and provide healthy foods for their consumption during the season.

What soap should my athlete use?

Dial Gold is a good anti-bacterial soap. Defense soap is excellent, though more expensive. It is very important that wrestlers take thorough showers after every practice and competition. They should also wash their practice gear after every practice. Good time to learn if they don't already do their own laundry.

How does my son earn an athletic letter?

The athlete must score points for the varsity 4 times or place in districts. Forfeits count as victories, byes do not.

Who qualifies for state?

The week before the state tournament, we compete in a two day district tournament. Each team brings the top two wrestlers at each weight for an individual tournament. The top four wrestlers in each weight at the district tournament qualify for the state tournament.

Any other questions?

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